Wedding Photos Checklist

1) Hair and makeup

Pre-vows, the ladies:
2) The bride
3) The brides maids
4) The flower girl
5) All the ladies
6) The bride with mom
7) The bride with dad
8) Parents of the bride

Pre-vows, the men:
9) The groom
10) The groomsmen
11) The groom with mom
12) The groom with dad
13) Parents of the groom

Pre-vows, the church:
14) A look down the aisle

Wedding begins:
15) Groomsmen and brides maids down the aisle
16) Ring bearer and flower girl down the aisle
17) Bride and father down the aisle

The ceremony:
18) The vows
19) The rings
20) The kiss
21) Couple pronounced
22) Walking out of the church

After the ceremony:
23) The couple
24) The couple with both parties
24) The couple with each sets of parents
25) The couple with both sets of parents
26) The entire wedding party
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