Shooting Fees

  • Single person portraits - $25
    These are used for profile photos for things like: graduations, school photos, social media (such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc), or if you just want to give a picture of yourself to family members or friends

  • Couple portraits - $50
    You and your special someone

  • Family portraits - $75
    Bring the whole family and we'll do several shots in various poses

  • Baby/Bridal Showers - $250 (20% deposit required)
    We'll be there before everyone arrives until everyone departs

  • Graduation Pictures - $250 (20% deposit required)
    Includes 4 hour photo shoot at customer location(s)

  • Weddings - Ceremony Only - $500 (20% deposit required)
    We'll shoot the pre-wedding, the ceremony, and then do all the traditional family photos afterwards
    - See the Wedding Photo Checklist here

  • Weddings - Ceremony and Reception - $1,000 (20% deposit required)
    We'll shoot the pre-wedding, the ceremony, the group/family photos, and then the reception from beginning to end
    - See the Wedding Photo Checklist here

  • Real Estate Shots (indoor and outdoor) - $50.00
    Shots will be taken with a 15mm non-fisheye lens and corrected for barrel distortion

  • Special Events - ask about pricing

Shoots can be in-studio or at a location of your choosing, but additional cost may be incurred depending on distance traveled.

Adults will be asked to sign a release form for their photography. This does not apply to anyone under the age of 18. No photos of children will be posted for public display without the express written permission of the parent(s) or guardian(s).

Payments accepted via cash, check, or credit card via PayPal.

Please note deposits are non-refundable.

What you get:
  • The Shoot
    • This is our time and labor to take your photos
  • The Post Processing
    • This is the time and labor after the shoot to edit images for rotation correction, red-eye, blemishes, color casting, or other imperfections that could not be avoided at the time of the shoot
  • A Web Gallery on Our Site
    • This will allow you to share your memories with friends and families
  • A DVD containing
    • Print Ready Images: these are large sized images that you would use for printing purposes

We also can print photos for you, please check out the Prints tab (general pricing below):
Wallets - Set of 42" x 3"3.00
Single Print4" x 6"4.00
Single Print5" x 7"6.00
Single Print8" x 10"8.00
Large Pack(4)4x6, (2)5x7, (1)8x1020.00
Ultimate Pack(20)4x6, (3)5x7, (3)8x10, (20)Wallets40.00
email HQ JPG (1-6)HD-JPG20.00
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